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2019-12-16 10:33

Mess (Liars album) Mess is the seventh studio album by music trio Liars, released on Mute Records on 2425 March 2014. In a press release, singer Angus Andrew said the recording process had been almost the exact opposite of creating their last album WIXIW and that instead of being doubtful, work on the new album has been immediate, fun, instinctual and confident .Sep 23, 2016 referencing Mess, 2xLP, Album CD, Album, MUT, MUT P Random story here, but I bought this brand new at my local record store and once I opened it, discovered 1 of the 2 LPs is the completely wrong record. liars mess album

The slick and smooth tones can be slow and soothing like on perpetual village or chaotic and noisy like on Mess on a Mission. it might not be the best album out there but it's one of the harder to forget.

Mar 27, 2014 A large proportion of Liars songs have been written in 44 time, but Mess might be the most 44 of their records to date: solid, steady, and square. Each track either rages or slogs. Besides Mar 24, 2014  180 gram black vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with embossed letters on front. Printed inner sleeves with photos, lyrics and credits. Some copies issued with sticker applied toliars mess album With MESS, Liars continue in the electronic vein of WIXIW, but they crank it up with that good old Liars aggro attitude. This makes for a great album that is propulsive without exactly being dance music sort of a cross between the Gang of Four and Autechre.

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Given that Mess originated from Liars messing around in the studio, it's a more spontaneous, accessible set of songs than they've delivered in some time. Even if it's not quite as striking an achievement as WIXIW, it's a lot of fun and shows, once again, that Liars are unquestionably themselves no matter how much they push their boundaries. liars mess album Mar 24, 2014  Mess is the first Liars album that could be given a dance hyphenate since their debut; its physical, bodymoving music for people who dont have much interest in proper dance music. How can the answer be improved?

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